Coupon Searching Tips

Saving money with coupons is a growing trend in the United States. Modern technology has changed the way consumers can find valuable coupons. Taking full advantage of all of the places you can find coupons is going to be the fastest way to be a successful extreme couponer.   Most Obvious Place to Find Coupons […]

Couponing Advice: Be Organized

There really is no right or wrong way for organizing large quantities of coupons. Some use binders for storing coupons, while other might opt for boxes with divider tabs. Some even choose not to clip anything at all. Instead, they leave their coupon inserts in full-form till sales are advertised for the coupon’s item. Organization […]

Tips for Becoming an Expert Coupon Collector

A popular show called Extreme Coupons has been chronicling ‘extreme couponers’ who save ninety to hundred per cent of their grocery bills every week. The average person avoids using coupons because finding and using them often seems like a waste of time. However, once a person has seen the massive savings extreme couponers enjoy, couponing […]

The most effective method to Save Money on DNA Testing: Get the Best Deal and Take Advantage of Free Reports

DNA testing for family history is more typical than any other time in recent memory, yet it can likewise be costly. In spite of the fact that we’ve seen costs drop a lot as of late the expense is still excessively for some to legitimize. On the off chance that you’ve been holding off without […]

Coupon Your Way to a Lower Grocery Bill

Coupon savers are an extreme example of people trying to save money. Although it is a universal desire to save money, hardcore coupon users usually go grocery shopping and get carts full at half of the retail prices. If you are looking to save money, taking a few tips from them can help you save […]

Extreme Coupon Effectively

With the ongoing economic downturn, saving money is a priority. Eating out less, cutting frequency of date nights and avoiding branded food items have become the norm of an average family. With the high use of couponing, saving has increased. The best aspect of investing time in finding good coupons is that you can save […]

Getting Unlimited Free Grocery Coupons

If you are looking to save thousands of dollars each year, start using coupons. With organization, patience and diligence you can be successful in saving large sums of money with the use of coupons. The key to saving with coupons is to procure them at different locations and keeping a handy supply.   Ask for […]

Schoolboy's price-cutting strategy beats supermarkets at their own game

Jordon Cox has taken 'extreme couponing' to the limit with a 4p Christmas shop. Harry Wallop finds out how         Brought to you by Yahoo! News. Read the rest of the article here

'Extreme couponing': How I did whole Christmas shop for 4p

Jordon Cox has taken 'extreme couponing’ to the limit with a 4p Christmas shop from Tesco. Here's how he did it Brought to you by Yahoo! News. Read the rest of the article here

Learn About Extreme Couponing With Nancy Miller At Santa Monica Event

Santa Monica Public Library’s Ocean Park Branch presents Extreme Couponing with Nancy Miller this Saturday, Dec. 14, at 2 pm. Miller is best known for her Clutterology book and seminars on the topic of “clearing the clutter from your life,” but she is also an expert on the art of couponing. In this discussion she […]